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How to lock and secure WhatsApp on iPhone

Apple Face ID and Touch ID can be used for a number of purposes, not jut unlocking your iPhone or authorizing an Apple Pay payment

Several app request Face ID or touch id authentication to grant access , even when your device is already unlocked . these apps include banking apps , various retail app like klarna , and you can set WhatsApp to as well .

To lock and secure WhatsApp on your iPhone so your face or fingerprint are required to see your WhatsApp chats even if your iPhone is already unlocked. follow these steps:

How to lock and secure WhatsApp on iPhone

  • open WhatsApp
  • click on the settings tab in the bottom right of the screen
  • tap on accont
  • open privacy
  • tap on screen lock
  • toggle require face id / require touch id on

select time duration for face id or touch id to be required

android 12 latest features

when screen lock is activated, it is still possible to reply to messages from notifications and answer calls , but WhatsApp chats can’t be accessed without the registered face or fingerprint.

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