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cool Whatsapp tricks

cool WhatsApp tricks

cool whatsapp tricks

WhatsApp is the world most instant messaging app , its gets a steady stream of updates , has a long list of cool features and support a huge of os ( android, ios ) . we have a got a few cool WhatsApp tricks you should know.

How to create bold, italicized, or strikethrough text

for bold simply put the (*) at the begning and end of the desired word or sentense and you can make it bold

example : *biscuit*

use for italic

the same goes for italics, only whit an underscore (_) on either side of the text. to strike through text, you’ll need to add a tilde(~) to the beginning and end of the word.

Active two step verification

by default WhatsApp ask for your number and one time pin when changing devices but for more security WhatsApp enable two step verification

two step verification

to do this , settings > accounts> two step verification from here you ‘ll be able to prompt to create assign digit pin for whenever you add WhatsApp to a new phone.

send message without typing

WhatsApp user can send messages without actually typing. thanks to Siri and google assistance . android user can use google assistant and iPhone user use Siri.

share your live location:

for rolling out live location sharing on Facebook, messenger rolled out the feature on WhatsApp too. once you share live location with someone, they would be able to track where you go for the time period you select.

shre live location

it is very simple to share one’s live location with their friends. just open WhatsApp tap on the attachment icon on the typing space bar and select location. once do this. you’ll get two options. share live location

switch off media auto downloads

almost on a daily basic your perhaps receive a multi of photos and video on WhatsApp. many of them actually not needs. you can manage what gets download automatically and what doesn’t.

cool whatsapp tricks

go to setting > select date usage and choose the most appropriate options.

21 essential WhatsApp tips and tricks

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