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allama iqbal famous books

allama iqbal famous books

allama iqbal famous books

this books rooh maktib iqbal is wrriten by abdullah qurasi . this is about of allam iqbal famous books of all letters of which write of 1877 – 1938 . all letters are alphabaticly in the books sir muhammad iqbal was a south asian muslim writer philospher, and politician, whose poetry in the urdu language is among the greatest of the twentieth century, and whose vision of a cultural and political ideal for the muslims of british -ruled inida was to animate the impulse for pakistan. he is commenly referred to by the honorific allama

allama was born and raised in sialkot, in an ethnic kashmiri muslim family, in an ethnic kashmiri muslim family, iqbal studed in sialkot and lahore, and thereafter in england he did his b.a thad made him eligible to pracitce law as an advocate. he best know for his poetic works, including asrar-e-khudi – which brought a knighthood, rumuz-e-bekhudi and the bang-e-dara,

iqbal is wideky known as one of the most importane figures in urdu and persian literature, having written numerous volumes of poetry in both languages after returning to lahore in 1908 iqbal taught philosophy and english literature while practicing law on his return from europe, he gained his livelihood by the practice of lae, but his fame came from his persian- and urdu language poetry, which was written in the classical style for public recitatin through poetic symposia and in a milieu in which memorizing verse was customary , his poetry became widely known.

allama iqbal famous books

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