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color coded quran

color coded quran

color coded quran

you can Read Quran online in color coded Tajweedi Quran seprated by Juzz 1 to 30 . Surahs reading, tajweed, short supplications

the colour coded quran presented by idara is a first unique attempt amongst all to divide it in seven parts according to seven manzils of the holy quran and each manzil is with a different colou to distingulish them. this will help the recital to recite the complete quran in a week by reciting each manzil a day

colr code tajweed red indicates a long/short viwels (2,4,5, up to 6 vowels) green indicates the nasal (ghunnah) and lkhfa dark blue used for letters to be emphatically pronounced light blue used for the sound of qualqualah (plosive sound)

the arabvic word tajweed linguistically means proficiency or doing something well comes from the same root letters as the word jayyid, which means good we gibe the letters their rights by obsercing the essential characteristics of each letter the rules of tajweed are classified as follows i noon and meem ushaddad is that noon or meem which has shaddah with gunnah of 2 beats al-qalqalah is vibratiion the sound at the end of the pronunciation of any letter of qaaf, ttaa, baa, jiim or daal, which is saakin, with sukoon or shaddah

color coded quran

color coded quran

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