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urdu books about jinnat

urdu books about jinnat

urdu books about jinnat

laqat almarjan ahkam aljan almrof jino ki dunya best urdu books about jinnat written by imam jilal ul din alsyoti . alsuyuti was as egyptian scholar. historian, sufi and jurist. from a family of persian origin, he was described as one of the most prolific wtiters of the middle ages. al sututi studies included shafi and hianafi jurisprudence (fiqh).traditions hadith, exegesis tafsir theology, history and all kind od islamic subjects. imam jalal al din al suyuti also known as ibn al suyuti was a mujtahid imam and reformer of the thnth islamic century . as the book names discloses, the said book is written about jinns and shayateen in the light of islam. it the said book, the author has narrated about the history of jinns and their types, the difference between jinns and satans, the marriage lives of jinns ,

satans, magic and many similar interesting topics . in this book the author has also clarified either human and jinn can marry each others or not. the authors has also discussed the stories about the meetings of jinns with various holy prophests.

his present book contains history of cyclopes and devils according to the islamic education, in urdu language. all information provided in this book are taked from the history books, authentic ahadith and tafseer of the holy quran .

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urdu books about jinnat

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