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free islamic books online

free islamic books online

free islamic books online

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islam considers health to be one of the greatest blessings to have been given to human beings by GOD. indeed, it is considered the greatest blessing-after failth itself. the prophet pbuh said: ” there are two blessing which many people do not appreciate: health and leisure”

islam has honoured health as a fundamental right of every human being. which maked it a powerfull source of guidance and information. since its birth, islam has prioritized health placing it as second in importance to faith.

islam emphasised moderation not too much and not too little – in every aspect of life. the second half of verse 31 of surah al=a’raf states, ” eat and drink, but bo not excessive.

the following book 450 sawal w jawad braiay sahat w elaj or madical staff is book of health topic .

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free islamic books online

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