You are currently viewing dr israr ahmed books seerat un nabi
dr israr ahmed books seerat un nabi

dr israr ahmed books seerat un nabi

dr israr ahmed books seerat un nabi

this book rasool kamil (pbuh) is best urdu books of dr israr ahmed books seerat un nabi topic This is the purpose of this book. Prophecy and its background, history of prophet hood, end of prophet hood and its accessories, prophetic life before revelation, Mickey invitation, training and organization, important features of history of prophetic nation Completion of the mission and our duty۔

dr israr ahmad was a Pakistani Islamic theologian, philosopher, and Islamic scholar who was followed particularly in south Asia as well as by south Asian Muslims in the middle east, western Europe, north America.

He was the founder of tanzeem-eislami, an offshoot of the jamaat-e-islami. He wrote about sixty books about Islam and Pakistan. As of 2017, twenty-nine books have been translated into several other languages, including in English.

He was born in hisar, a province of east Punjab British Indian empire, on 26 April 1932. His father was a civil servant in the British government who relocated his family from hisar to Montgomery, now Sahiwal, Punjab province of Pakistan. After graduation from a local high school. Ahmed moved to Lahore to attend the king Edward medical university in 1950. He received his mbbs degree from king Edward medical university in 1954 and began practicing medicine. In addition, he obtained his master’s degree in Islamic studies from the university of Karachi in 1965. Ahmed worked briefly for Muslim student’s federation in the independence movement and following the creation of Pakistan in 1957. Fir the Islamic Jami yet-e-talaba and then in 1950 joined jamaat-e-islami led by abul ala maududi, but left the party when the latter opted for participation in electoral politics in 1957. Ahmed resubbed from the jamat-e-Islam  in April 1957 because of its involvement in national politics, which he believed was irreconcilable with the revolutionary methodology adopted by the jamma’at in the pre-1947 period. His interest in Islam and philosophy grew further and he subsequently moved in Karachi, Sindh province in the 1960s, where he enrolled in Karachi university.

dr israr ahmed books seerat un nabi


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