urdu novels romantic

urdu novels romantic

urdu novels romantic

you can get urdu novels romantic in this page below.  A romance is a realationship between two people who are in love each other romance or romantic love is a feeling of love for, or a strong attraction towards another person, and the courtshop behaviors undertaken by an individual to express those overall feelings and resultant emotions.

There are many urdu romantic novels . we can get three urdu novels which will best romantic urdu novels list.

1 Peer a kamil

urdu novels romantic

When it comes to popular urdu fiction and tv dramas, umera ahmed’s name does not need any introduction, while her enchanting pen has given urdu literature everlasting novels and books, she has also given multpule super hit dramas to the television industry.  Peer a kamil is the story of a turning point in the lives of two characters, where the decision to choose right or wring is lieft to them.and they are free to choose whichever path they want. If we talk about this novels’ main characters, then there are two names, salar sikandar and imama hashim . imama is a medical student who belongs to a family of qadiani religion. But later, due to certain circumstances, she converted to islam, on the other hand, salar sikandar who belongs to an affluent family, is an exceptional student with 150 +iqs.

All in all, peer e kamil is an excellent piece of writing, if you have read socio-romantic stories with a touch of religion like Jannat ka pattay this is the novel for you .

2.humsafar novel by farhat ishtiaq

urdu novels romantic

This novel became exceedingly popular among the people. Given its popularity, hum tv adopted the story to a tv serial , which was, one of the most successful tv serial.

The story of humsafar novel revolves around khird, asher, and their daughter hare, there are many ups and downs in their lives, but the face the circumstances with patience and endurance. Humsafar is a widely read social urdu novel its story is about the fractures in relationshops and families caused by ego, selfisheness, and misunderstandings. After being published in monthly khawateen digest, it got published as a complete novels in 2008 by ilm-0-ifran publisher.

3 . mata e jaan hai tu by farhat ishtiaq

urdu novels romantic

 Mata e jaan hai is socio- romance urdu novels written by famous novelist farhat ishtiaq. It is an everlasting love story of a young couple that introduces you to the beauties and depths of love. It was first published in 201o and became immensely popular among urdu novels readers countrywide. Considering its popularity, hum tv adapted the story into a tv –serial of the same name, which was an instant superhit.

If we look at the story of the mata –e-jaan novel it revolves around two main characters, ibaad and hania. They study at Columbia iniversity, and are deeply in love with each other. They get married against the wishes of the boy’s father. As a result, ibbad’s father does not accept their relationship and cuts them of the family.

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