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ahmad al Farooqi al sir Hindi ( majdad alif sani ) was an Indian Islamic scholar, Hanafi jurist, and member of the naqshbandi sufi order. he has been described by some followers as a mujaddid, meaning a ” reviver”, for his work in rejuvenating islam and opposing the newly made relidion od din-i illahi and other problematic opinions of mughal emperor Akbar. while early suth asian scholarship creadited him for contributing to conservative trends in Indian Islam, more recent works, notably be ter harr, Friedman, and buehler, have pointed to sir Hindi’s significant contributions to sufi epistemology and practices.

this book hazrat imam rubai majadad alf sani shaik ahmad serhindi written by

hazart mulana hakeem ahmad hasan manvari in this book he has explain detail about hazar mujad alf sani . you can get detail in the book and download link .

sheikh Ahmad’s great contribution was undoubtedly the task of countering unorthodox Sufism and mystic beliefs. he organized the naqsbandiya order to reform the society and spread the shariah among the poeple. he wrote many books, including his famous works, isbat-ul-nabat and risal-i-nabuwat. his greatest work on islamic philosophy was the tauheed , sheikh ahmad continuded preaching islam till the end of his days. he passad awas in 1624.

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pdf books library


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