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books of iqbal

books of iqbal

books of iqbal

you can get books of iqbal in the page below . iqbal is a widely known as one of the most important figures in urdu ana persian liiteraure, having written numerous volumes of poetry in both languages. after returning to lahore in 1908, iqbal taught philosophy and english literature while practicing law .sir muhammad iqbal was a south asian muslim writer. philosopher, and politician, whose poetry in the urdu language is considered among the greatst of the twentieth cientury and whose vision of a cultural and political ideal for muslims of brithis – rules india was to animate the impulse for Pakistan. he is commonly referred to by the honorific allama .

iqbal wrote both in persian and urdu , and is often regarded as the poet – philospher of the east who addressed the muslim ummah, believed in the philosophy of wahdatul wajood, and propounded the philosohy of khudi, or selfhood, which called for self-realization and the discovery of the hidden talent with love and perseverance.

the book kulliyat iqbal is one of the principal collection forms of urdu poetry. taken literally, the term signifies a complete collection of one author’s poems. but in practice it is also applied to any collection of poems of one type by an author.

“Kaliyat-e-Iqbal” is a collection of his poetry collections, in which Bang Dara, Bal Jibril, Zarb Kaleem and Armaghan Hijaz (part of Urdu) have been collected. The number of Iqbal’s readers in India and Pakistan is such that very few poets have this honor. Kaliyat is full of Iqbal’s ghazals and poems and is enough to study Iqbaliyat at a glance.

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books of iqbal


allama iqbal book poetry collections in foru books

  • bang i dara
  • bale – e- jabril
  • zarb -e- kaleem
  • Armaghan-e-Hijaz


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