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sultan salahuddin ayubi book

sultan salahuddin ayubi book

if u want to get sultan salahuddin ayubi book so you will be in right place. Saladin is the western name of salah al-din yusuf ibn ayyub, the Muslim sultan of Egypt and Syria who famously defeated a massive army of crusaders in the battle of Hattin and captured the city of Jerusalem in 1187. At the height of his power, he ruled a unified Muslim region stretching Egypt to Arabia. He was a sunny Muslim Kurd who became the first sultan of both Egypt and Syria, and was the founder of the Ayyubid dynasty. Saladin led the Muslim military campaign against the crusader states in the Levant.  He was an important figer in the third crusade. At the height of his power, his sultanate spanned Egypt, Syria, upper Mesopotamia (Iraq), the Hejaz (western Arabia), yeoman, parts of western north Africa, and nubia.

Dastan iman faroshon ki by inayatullah altamash

Dastan iman faroshon ki written by inayatullah altamash. This book is complete 5 volumes and this is a best book of sultan salahudiin ayubi. There are five parts of this book and every part is an authentic historical document. Dastan iman faroshon ki (tales of the traitors) is series of stories about sultan salahuddin ayubi who fought bravely against the crusades (series of religious expeditionary wars blessed by the pope and catholic church, whit the stated goal of restoring Christian access to the holly places in and near Jerusalem). Imposed on Muslim ummah by Christians and European countries, salahuddin ayubi was the person who for twenty years braved the storm of the crusaders and ultimately pushed bach the combined forces of Europe which had come to swarm the holy land. Crusaders realized that they cannot win the battlefields, so the woven up many conspiracies against salahuddin and his army.

sultan salahuddin ayubi book






Fateh e azam salahuddin ayubi by khan asif

In the book author khan Asif under review a historical Islamic hero sultan salahuddin ayubi in Urdu language this is a historical novel by khan asif about the life of sulatan salahudiin ayubi his childhood, struggles, and victories are beautifully depicted in a story like book

sultan salahuddin ayubi book


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