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urdu essays books pdf

urdu essays books pdf

if you want to get urdu essays books pdf so you will be in right place. essays meaning in english to urdu is مصامین , as written in urdu and mazameen, as written in Roman urdu . there are many synonyms of Essays which include Article, Composition, Discussion, Disquisitin, Dissertatin, Explication, Exposition, Manuscript, Paper, Piece, Study,Theme, Thesis, Tract, Treatise, Etc. fan mazmon nawasi فن مصمون نویسی is written by zafer iqbal muhsan and this is a best books about urdu essays

In this book, the author has explained in detail about Urdu subjects. What is the importance of Urdu essays and how many types are there and how to write a good essay. Award winning essays are also given in this book. Which is best for students of Urdu literature

urdu essays books pdf


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