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besturdu books

if you want to get besturdu books so you will be in right place. in this page we will introduce some best urdu books . one of the famous urdu books is Umrao Jaan Ada. Umrao Jaan Ada is an urdu novel by mirza hadi ruswa , first published in 1899. ut is condidered the first urdu novel by many and tells the story of a courtesan and poet by the same name from 19th century lucknow, as recounted by her to the author.

umrao jan ada , published more than a hundred years ago, was the first novel to be written in urdu, it tells the story of a courtesan from Lucknow, a woman of great charm who was also a brilliant poet and singer, Documented by a close friend and dicated by Umaro jan herself, the novel weaves the courtesan’s story with inerspersions of peotry, exploration of social dynamics and the author’s radical subtext with regard to patriarchal clouble standars.

besturdu books


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