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famous urdu novel characters

famous urdu novel characters

In this post we will find famous urdu novel characters so if you want to read these characters so you will be in right placeFamous creative characters are such characters who reign in the hearts of readers. We are bringing you a list of such characters today. Who have ruled in the hearts of their readers for years and are doing so.

Inspcter Faridi

is an internationally renowned character in Urdu spy literature. This character was published in 1952 by Ibn Safi, who was a famous writer of Pakistan, in his first novel, Daleere Muqim, in 1950. Which got immense popularity among the people and is getting it till now. Even after Ibn Safi’s death, the authors have presented the role of Colonel Faridi.

Sergeant Hameed

The character of Sergeant Hameed was also introduced by Ibn Safi along with Inspector Faridi in the novel Dareer Muqm. And only after that, the pair of these two characters will become the record of popularity.


The role of Ali Imran was presented by Ibn Safi in his novel Terrible Building. And after that Ali Imran’s character also started touching the heights of the city.

Inspector Jamshed

The role of Inspector Jamshed was introduced for children by Ishtiaq Ahmed in his novel Packet Ka Raaz

Inspector Kamran Mirza

Another character of Ishtiaq Ahmed who became famous. And his novels with Inspector Jamshed became popular among children and so did his characters


Parizaad is a character in Hashim Nadeem’s novel Parizaad. Which later became a character in popular novels.

Salar Sikandar & Imama Hashim

Salar Sikandar & Imama Hashim are another famous characters of novels. This character is from Umira Ahmed’s famous novel Peer Kamil. one of most famous character in novels

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