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famous urdu books pdf free download

famous urdu books pdf free download

if you want to get famous urdu books pdf free download so you will be in right place. Kuda ki basti novel is in one of the famous urdu novel in the list .  kuda ki basti , GOD’S OWN LAND  is a Pakistani urdu novel penned by SHAUKAT SIDDIQUI in 1957. The novel is about life in a Karachi slum built after the independence of Pakistan in 1947 and about the struggles in the lives of poor people living there. Kuda ki basti tv drama seriais were made in 1969 and 1974 based on the novel . this novel considered one of the greatest novels in urdu literature.

Main idea of the story is strongly pro-socialist, capitalism is mostly evil and money is the rootcause of perversion in the society.  The story revolves around a poor, respectable family which has fallen on hard times.  Corruption and degradation take over their lives jobless, and without any real hope of a better life, they find themselves in the clutches of unprincipled evil people who exploit them.


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