You are currently viewing saghar siddiqui poetry in urdu books pdf

saghar siddiqui poetry in urdu books pdf

saghar siddiqui poetry in urdu books pdf

if you want to get saghar siddiqui poetry in urdu books pdf so you will be in right place . Saghar Siddiqui was born in 1928 in Ambala ( in united Punjab under British India). Siddiqui started writing poetry as a child. He moved to Amritsar ( Punjab), in search of work and used to make wooden combs while writing urdu poetry . for some time, he used Nasir Hijazi as his pen name, but later he switched to Saghar Siddiqui. When 16 year old , he regularly started attending mushairas in Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Gurdaspur. In 1947, when he was 19, he migrated to Pakistan during the independence and settled in Lahore.

In the poetry of Sagar Siddiqui, life and the bitter attitudes of life are very prominent. Due to poverty, depression and tension, Sagar’s last few years were spent in drunkenness and he used to live by begging. He used to sleep on the pavement in the streets, but even then he did not stop writing poetry. Reading Sagar’s poetry feels like an expert playing with words. Reading his Dewan, one will understand that Sagar was not only a poet of yesterday but also a poet of today and the future.


DEEWAN E SAGHAR SIDDIQUE urdu poetry book authored by Saghar Siddiqui. This book contains a collentions of urdu poetry, hamad o naat, urdu ghazals, poems and other classical poetry in urdu language.

saghar siddiqui poetry in urdu books pdf



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