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Mujarrabat Imam Ghazali Books

Mujarrabat Imam Ghazali Books

If you want to read Mujarrabat Imam Ghazali Books so you will be in right place. Imam Ghazali was a Persian sunni musilm polymath. He is known as one of the most prominent and influential juris consult, legal theoretician, mufti, philosopher, theologian, logician and mystic in Islamic history.

He is considered to be the 11th century’s mujaddid, a renewed of the faith, who according to the prophetic hadith, appears once every 100 years to restore the faith of the Islamic community.

Imam Ghazali’s work stemmed around his  spiritual crises following his appointment as the head of the NIZZAMIYYA university in Baghdad – which was the most prestigious academic positon in the mulish world at the time.

A total about 70 works can be attributed to al-Ghazali. Mujarribat imam Ghazali is best book of imam Ghazali . this book translated by hafiz yasmeen ali hasani nizami this book cover spiritual diseases and their medicine, by the great Sufi scholar imam ghazali

Mujarrabat Imam Ghazali Books


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