You are currently viewing khalid bin waleed book in urdu

khalid bin waleed book in urdu

khalid bin waleed book in urdu

in this page you will get Khalid bin Waleed book in urdu . hazrat Khalid ibn al-walled was a 7th –century Arab Muslim military commander. He initially needed campaigns against Muhammad (pbhu) on behalf of the Quraysh. He later became a Muslim and spent the remainder of his career in service to Muhammad (pbuh) and the first two Rashidun Caliphs: Abu Bakr and Umar. Khalid played the leading command roles in the Ridda Wars against rebel tribes in Arabia in 632-633, the initial campaigns in Sasanian Iraq in 633-634, and the conquest of Byzantine Syria in 634-638.


NOVEL life wars and achievement of Hazrat khalid bin waleed

This novel written by inayatullah Altamash . he was one of the best writers in the history of urdu novelist. In his professional career, he wrote a large number of books and brought real stories into the book pages. He was a famous journalist, novelist, story writer, and war freelancer, the writer describes the life, war and achievement of hazrat khalid bin waleed in details, he was the companion of prophet muhammd (pbuh) and a great military commander. He played a vital role in the conquests of Syria. And iran. Hazrat khalid bin Waleed got the title of the sword of Allah for his bravery and courage. He led many expeditions and remain victorious in all the battles. He wanted to embrace shahadat, but his desire did not fulfill in his life.

Inayatuallh altamash write many books some of the books name is

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khalid bin waleed book in urdu

khalid bin waleed book in urdu

AUTHOR inayatullah Altamash

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