You are currently viewing jaun elia book yani pdf download

jaun elia book yani pdf download

jaun elia book yani pdf download

in this page you will get jaun elia book yani pdf download  free download or read  online written by Jaun elia bookbazars site upload this book under the category of Poetry .

syed hussian sibt-eAsghar Naqvi commonly known as jaun elia was a Pakistani poet, philosopher, biographer, and scholar . one of the most prominent modern urdu poets, popular for his unconventional ways. He “acquired knowledge of philosophy, login, Islamic history. The muslim Shia tradition, muslim religious sciences, western literature.

That is, there is an important collection of poems by Jon Elya. This collection is compiled by him himself. This collection came out after his death, 13 years after his first collection, Kalam Bakhid. Why was it so difficult for Jon to publish it? When he revised it, he was unsure whether the collection would be the centre of attention after the success of the already successful collection, which was also quite beautiful. There is a collection. It also includes his ghazals, whose verses are spoken by the people. Therefore, to enjoy June’s poetry, reading it becomes essential.

jaun elia book yani pdf download



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