Bandar killa game in English

Bandar killa game in English

Punjabis play a wide variety of sports and games. Ranging from modern games such as hockey and crickt . to the more traditional games such as kabaddi,  there are over 100 games and sports of Punjab ۔ One of them is Bandar Kala.  In this page we will explain Bandar killa game in English

Bandar khela Some of the children were left behind when mobile phones and the Internet were not even remotely known. Children used to play games in Dharti of Punjab. Bandar khela is one of those interesting games. Details in the game a circle is drawn on the ground one key player ( Bandar) is tied a rope into killa (pole) and then all the other players place their chapals near the pole and the key player. Bandar stands in the circle and all the other players have steal the chappals from the circle without being caught. 

Bandar killa game in English

This child whose picture you are seeing in the video I will give you. It is playing the role of a monkey. And he has to stay inside the circle and protect the shoes. And other children who try to take all the shoes out of the circle without touching them. And if they all succeed, that of the monkey which is within the circle. It will be worshiped with shoes. And his shoes will have to be eaten. Until Joe runs to his desired mark and gets screwed. And if he touches or catches a child before removing all the shoes, then the role of the monkey will be played by the caught child. It is definitely one of the best game of its era. In which physical activity is very high. Watch the video and be safe.


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